The best way to make children happy is to make them smile

Thursday 29 January 2015


Children participated in an interactive bubble soap show as well as a creative master class on handcrafts.


Also, the Quality Reading Program team distributed fiction books, calendars and other school items.  During the event, representatives of the Rehabilitation Center "Umut – Nadezhda" expressed great joy and gratitude for the given donations. As Omurdinova Asel, Coordinator of External Relations of the center, expressed it:  “We are always glad to cooperate with such organizations and accept any charity donations, since our center lives and works only due to the charity. We really hope for further cooperation with you. And I would like to note that our doors are open to you not only on the eve of the Children's Day, but throughout the year, as our kids really need your attention, not only during the holidays."


SCI Kyrgyzstan also visited a children’s rehabilitation center in Dzhalalabad.  Twenty-eight summer shoes, a variety of toys (chess, balls, darts, and jump-ropes) and refreshments (drinks and ice-creams) were provided.