Child Protection

The Problem:
Migration of adult workers from Tajikistan to Russia in particular, has increased over the last few years to the detriment of the family members left behind, especially children. Not only is labour migration currently supported in the country, but it is actively encouraged on account of the economic benefits from remittances sent back to Tajikistan and the reduction in unemployment in-country. The prevalent attitudes towards migration suggest that the current trend is likely to remain stable or even continue increasing. While the remittances sent back from the family members who are working abroad (usually men) can reduce the economic vulnerability of the families left behind, they are often either insufficient to address children’s needs or managed in such a way as to have limited impact on the family’s wellbeing.

What we do: 
Save the Children is working to provide extensive research on the needs and constraints of children who have been affected by migration. Building on that, we will deliver appropriate policy recommendations for improved legal and institutional child protection structures in Tajikistan. The research will also help identify families where children are particularly at risk or vulnerable, so that they can be provided with immediate assistance and service provision through counselling and referral to the Migrant Support Centres.