The soul is healed by being with children

Tuesday 14 April 2015


A  childhood can end for many reasons – poor health, conflict, extreme violence, early marriage, early pregnancy, malnutrition, exclusion from education and child labour. For that, purpose International, national organizations, and private companies organized a celebration of June 1st – International Children’s Day at Dushanbe residential school #3 for children with mental disabilities where children were able to demonstrate that they are inseparable part of society. The event was attended by the District Educational Department, Save the Children, UNESCO, Tajikistan UNESCO Clubs, SPEY; local child organizations such as Peshraft, Hamdam and Parents of Children with Autism Initiative IRODA as well as private companies Huawei and Knauf. The opening ceremony was held by the school principal and Head of Sino District Educational Department. Children with mental disabilities living with their families were also invited to the event.  


All children prepared performances, dancing and singing programs. An art gallery exhibited drawings made by the children.  Save the Children International donated toys that stimulate the mental development of the children such as construction sets, play dough, drawing tools and hygiene soaps for kids.


SCI Tajikistan also participated in the International Children’s Day celebration event in Kurgan-tube and attended the event for children with disabilities. In total 60 disabled children and their parents attended the event.  Most of them were out of schools children. Save the Children provided them with books, T-shirts and caps. Bobojonov Abdusamad - Head of the Public Organization National Union of Disabled in Kurgan-tube and Deputy Head of Khatlon province expressed his gratitude to SCI for its contribution to the International Children’s Day event.

On June 1st, we will tell our publics, supporters, national and global leaders about the scale of the challenge and what needs to be done to allow these children to reach their full potential and be part of society.