Emergency Transportation Funds

Monday 29 October 2018

On October 23, in Dushanbe Save the Children organized a workshop with participants of the Mother and Child Health project.

The meeting took place in the conference hall of the Serena Hotel. It was participated by medical staff and rural activists of the Varzob district, as well as the cities of Vahdat and Tursunzade.

One of the key issues discussed was the process of organizing an emergency transportation fund established based on rural groups of women activists. This framework is a handy tool that can help quickly responding to various cases that requires medical intervention. Members of activist groups only support these funds.


Village representatives shared how emergency transportation funds made their lives easier for residents, as well as lessons learned at the beginning of organizing funds, when many doubted their efficiency and effectiveness, and how activate they are now in the groups.

The leaders of women’s activist groups shared their experiences with representatives of primary health care network of Varzob and Vahdat on how emergency transportation funds work. Representatives of medical institutions of Tursunzade also shared their experience of participating in the past in the Mother and Child Health project, in the framework of which the equipment of primary health centers in 60 Tursunzade villages were improved.


During the meeting, the current challenges of project’s implementation were also discussed. Representatives of villages and medical staff shared with each other their views and experiences, jointly coming to the solutions of tasks, which in the future will further improve the quality of medical services to the population.

The aim of the project is to reduce infant and maternal mortality, as well as morbidity of the population, by improving the quality of care in rural health centers.