Integrated management of childhood illness

Thursday 10 May 2018

On May 7th Save the Children started a seven days Facility based Integrated Management of Childhood Illness training in both Vahdat and Varzob districts.

The training was approved by the Ministry of Health with involvement of highly qualified IMCI experts as trainers. The key goals and objectives of this training is to build the capacity of Primary Health Care staff, particularly in rural and remote areas where the services are most limited and level of health literacy lowest.

Meanwhile the trained staff will be hold accountable to practice their knowledge and skills to improve the PHC in their targeted areas. The trainings will improve skills of health workers in managing sick children at district level. Due to the shortage of pediatricians and increased number of family doctors, it is necessary to carry out IMCI trainings to sustain the knowledge of PHC health staff in using practical and up-to-date strategies in treating ill children.

Training is organized in the framework of Mother and Child Health project.